So… what is this?

The blog title itself is Latin for “final litany”. The following poetry is the short-form, unpublished work entitled “Dust”. It’s comprised of 20+ poems, which represent roughly 10% of the last 10 years of work in this genre. Most of the remaining material is terrible, and it’s taken (as previously mentioned) a decade to reach a comfort level enabling these 20+ to be posted. If I stumble across a forgotten poem, or stop hating an older one, I’ll post it.

Additionally, the “Author” section contains a short list of recommended reading, and the links on the right have been updated to include outstanding blogs, recommended sites, translation help, and tech support.

Feel free to browse genres (on the right), bearing in mind that there will be some overlap among said genres.

C’est la vie.

Update, 01/19/2013:

For some reason, I’ve started writing again. New work may be appearing regularly.

Also, the menu at the top has been updated to allow selection and viewing of individual titles.

Was any of this a good idea? We’ll see.

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